Helen Acreman
Splitrock Croft
145 Clachtoll

Rare Breed Large Black/Duroc Free Range Pigs All our pork is reared on our cliff-top croft in the Scottish Highlands; free to roam and root about and live a natural life. Everything available from joints and sausages to chops and steaks - while stocks last. Selection box containing a mixture of joints, sausages, mince, chops and steaks for the price of £8/kilo plus delivery.

Website: www.splitrockcroftbb.co.uk


Tel: 01571 855 215

Mackenzies farm shop

Aithsetter croft

Our Family have been working the Croft at Aithsetter (or Aister as the locals call it) for around 500 years!

We take care to breed, birth, rear, grow and produce our fine food. We believe in 'slow food' as it takes months to grow the perfect pork.

Our weaned piglets are reared to about 6 months. They only eat fruit, vegetables and cereals. They are free range (sometimes more free range than we'd like!) and enjoy a field to themselves and live in 'up-cycled' redundant salmon bins for protection from rain, wind or occasional sun!

Website: www.mackenziesfarmshop.co.uk

Crofters pigs

Crofters pigs

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