Scottish Crofting Produce Mark

In 2009 we launched the Scottish Crofting Produce Mark. Beef, pork, lamb and mutton; potatoes, vegetables and soft fruits; eggs and dairy produce; honey and preserves; wool, knitwear and tweed - all will be found bearing the Scottish Crofting Produce Mark.

The mark signifies that the produce comes from a croft, or similar small agricultural holding, in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland; that the producer is a member of the Scottish Crofting Federation, and meets certain laid-down standards of quality, animal health and welfare, hygiene and total traceability.

By purchasing Scottish Crofting Produce, the discerning consumer will not only receive the best quality, natural food, but will be supporting the unique heritage and culture of Scottish crofting and helping to preserve some of the nation's most valued landscapes and habitats.

Apply for the Scottish Crofting Produce Mark

Do you sell produce from your croft? If so, then why not stand out with the Scottish Crofting Produce Mark. Add something a little different to your produce by branding it with the unique SCP mark. For more information on the necessary criteria and how to apply follow this link: SCP Mark info

SCP Flyer